Breastfeeding Support

As a first-time mom I had been breastfeeding for 4 weeks with excruciating pain while feeding and just in general. I was at the end of my rope ready to call it quits because I wasn’t seeing any improvement like people kept telling me I would see. Through tears I messaged Chandler and I am so thankful I did! She was quick to reply and quick to find time to video chat. She made me feel very comfortable to share all the details of what I was experiencing. Chandler listened and helped me through my questions. I think what I appreciated most is how she encouraged me. In the days following she checked in on us to see how things were going and emailed further material to help. Chandler is very knowledgeable, and I noticed how if she wasn’t completely certain about something, she took the time to research it before giving me her opinion. My little girl and I are so happy for Chandlers help.

-S.M (Europe) 

Coaching Review (Mom)

Chandler has made walking through pregnancy so manageable and encouraging! She has helped me understand a lot more about pregnancy, labor and postpartum. Her resources and advice have given my husband and I room to think through the birth in categories we anticipated, and in some we didn’t! Chandler has been very available and empathetic to all of our questions. As expats, daily living can be very unpredictable. So preparing for our first child’s birth in another culture has been intimidating to think through. Chandler has provided a safe space to ask questions, work through topics together, and help build a confidence for bringing our baby into the world. Chandler’s well-informed and empathetic approach to coaching provided me the opportunity to be vulnerable and prepare me for birth in a supportive and thorough way.

-S.B (Asia)

Coaching Review (Dad)

With this being our first child, I knew very little about pregnancy and the birth process. Given that we were going to be delivering overseas, I was even more concerned that I didn’t have a working knowledge. Chandler was able to meet me where I was and provide a thorough general introduction. Then, based on our preferences, she walked us through each step. She gave excellent coaching and expertise, while addressing us individually. Her consultation gave me my bearings and provided me with confidence to approach the birth. I am thankful for Chandler helping my wife and I prepare for the birth and determine what my place in delivery should be. I believe that her coaching was invaluable and will greatly increase our confidence and enjoyment of delivery.

-M.F (Asia) 

The Expat Birth Class Review 

My husband and I were overwhelmed when we found out we were pregnant only five months after moving to a new country. The number of decisions needing to be made to prepare for a baby felt daunting. Navigating the process in another country was another challenge entirely. We had little language ability and a completely new culture that left us wondering how we would journey through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Chandler's EXPAT birth class helped put many of our anxieties at ease and provided clear direction. Chandler taught us some of the fundamentals we needed to know to navigate our new culture appropriately, approach the conversations that needed to happen with care providers, and how to communicate with each other throughout the process. We were so thankful to have this resource available. It helped keep us from feeling alone throughout the uncertain time.

-Mia M. (Dominican Republic)